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Coding Bootcamp: Weeks 2 and 3

These last two weeks have been emotional, challenging, and butt-kicking (and not in my favor!)

Before I get into my personal reflection, here is a brief rundown on what I have learned in the past two weeks:

  • Advanced CSS and SASS-I find SASS kind of/sort of easy to pick up, but I need more practice on creating partials and mixins. I feel like I could be very comfortable in SASS in the near future.
  • Lots and lots and lots and LOTS of JavaScript. Of course, I am taking a front-end engineering course, therefore I will be learning about JavaScript from now until pretty much the end of the course. This week has been about objects, arrays, variables, scopes and DOM. I was okay with most of these things until we started learning about DOM. When we first learned about DOM, it makes sense on its face--HTML elements are a child/descendant of another HTML element. Cool. That I get. Manipulating documents using nodes and target elements? That is when I start to look at you like you are speaking Greek. I'm trying to understand the 30,000 feet overview of what it is, but right now, I feel like my mind just...can't.

As I wrote earlier, this has been a very emotional and challenging two weeks. I am doing everything I can to keep my head above water with everything that we have learned. I am reviewing, I am watching videos, I am doing my assignments. However, when we are asked to take a week's worth of material and make something happen, my brain has not connected the "how". I am doing my best to not be hard on myself because I just learned these concepts. I am also trying my best with asking questions, but there have been times where I'm thinking "none of this makes sense to make, so it is hard for me to ask a question when I don't even know when to start". In all, I need to figure out how to ask questions about things that don't yet make sense to me (if that makes sense?). I can see things and understand why concepts and connections and ideas are the way they are, but when it comes to me trying to take the is a whole different story.

For the next week (or maybe two depending on how I feel about my coursework), I am going to do better with reaching out to people. Not just when it comes to asking questions, but to how to deal with this crushing feeling of anxiety when you are lost in ideas and concepts as an up-and-coming junior developer. I also want to curb my first reaction of just shutting down when I get frustrated. I'm not sure how this can happen, but first, I will ask ALL of the questions about everything and hopefully, I won't reach this point.

I have so much more that could go here like the meetups and the words of wisdom that I have received from bootcamp and Iron Yard graduates. These words of wisdom and encouragement have really kept me going these past 3 weeks. I don't know where I would be without these folks.

 On to week 4 (Isn't that something? I have almost made it through my first month! Time really does fly!) and very good and productive week!

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