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Coding Bootcamp: Week 4 and 5

As of this post being published, I am oh so close to the halfway point of bootcamp! Who knew a month and a half would fly so quickly? Time really flies when you stay busy and Iooking back, this has been an amazing opportunity.

Before I started, I had a plan to write at the end of every week about all that is going on. That has not been the case because I have been so zoned in to the work that we are given. These last two weeks, we have learned about:

  • HTTP requests
  • AJAX calls
  • Testing-writing tests for me 
  • Automation

We also had a project where we partnered up with a back-end Ruby developer to create an app that simulated an election night. It gave us the opportunity to learn how to communicate with a developer that doesn't quite speak the same language as a JavaScript developer with the common goal to make a functional app. It was an eye opener and gave me a story for when I start pursuing my job search in the coming weeks on communication skills.

HTTP requests and AJAX calls have been the most difficult concepts to wrap my head around. my last two weekend projects were very much centered around AJAX calls. It has been hard for me to remember what goes where and why things are happening. Like everything else with code, practice makes for better understanding, but this has been a challenge because while the core concepts seem so simple, I still don't get it. I know, more question asking is needed, however, I feel like I am asking the same questions and at times, I feel discouraged because asking the same questions over and over means something else is missing and right now, I don't know what that "what" is...if that makes sense.

Personally, there have been feelings of doubt and uncertainty that I could succeed. The recent US elections have made me feel very anxious and uneasy and I feel that is seeping into to my recent performance in class. This week, I want to find ways to pick myself back up by communicating my instructor about my most recent anxieties. In immersive coding bootcamps, it is best to communicate more with your instructors and it is high time to pick that back up again.

For Thanksgiving, I want to do a big share post on lessons learned both technically and personally. Do you have any questions about the experience so far? Let me know in the comments and I would love to answer them!

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