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Bootcamp-Halfway point

Oh my gosh! It is a blog post that is (almost) on time! This thanksgiving break, I have tried my best to spend time with family as well as refactor some assignments. I also had some time to reflect on the last 6/7 weeks before I officially start week 7. For the next 2-3 weeks, we will be focusing on Angular 1, but before that begins, here is what I have learned so far technically and personally:


  • The Terminal
  • Git/Github
  • HTML5
  • CSS
    • SASS
    • Layouts
    • Responsive Web Design
  • JavaScript
    • Object (which is what...90% of JavaScrpt?)
    • Scoping
    • Functions! 
    • Error handling
    • jQuery
    • Ajax and HTTP requests
    • Constructors and Prototypes
    • Single-page application views
  • Other important things
    • Unit testing (still a struggle point for me, but I am better at it today than I was two weeks ago!)
    • How the internet talks to each other
    • Automation using Grunt
    • APIs

All that. 6 weeks. My brain is still in shock that I was able to retain most of this information to date. Do I look at my notes while doing an assignment or homework? Well yes, but I understand why things are happening, which is something that I would not have been able to say 7 weeks ago. 


If I had to impart words of wisdom aside from the research that I did on the internet on what bootcamp would be like, here is what I would say:

  1. (Okay, one sort of cliche) Ask ALL of the questions. You are paying instructors to teach you really difficult concepts in a short window of time. All of which will build up on each other. If you get lost one one thing, it could derail you down the line. So make sure your understanding is somewhere close to 100% before leaving for the day.
  2. Realize that a homework assignment might just have to go unfinished for the night. At first, I was terrified in hot having my work finished on time. I felt panicked that if I couldn't get my work finished that I would soon fall under an avalanche of unfinished assignments. There is so much to do in one day that sometimes, you might have only enough time to fulfill the core mission of the assignments and move on. See point one. Ask questions the next morning on things you don't understand and fix it up later.
  3. For whatever period of time that you are in your bootcamp program. your work will have to come first. You won't have a life for a few months. This is normal. Bootcamp only lasts for a short, finite period of time. Take advantage of the immersive experience while you're in it.
  4. If at all possible, lean on your support network that is outside of your bootcamp program. This network can keep you grounded with the outside world.
  5. For when you feel like you will never ever understand or everyone is understanding things but you, reach out to another classmate. I will bet that they feel the same way, but they are just hiding how they are feeling.
  6. Be kind to yourself. Realize that you are in a program where you are learning tech at breakneck speeds and there will be many times where things just don't make sense. Don't beat yourself up over it, instead
  7. GO TAKE A BREAK. Take a walk. Go make some food. Do something that is not on the computer so that when you come back to whatever problem you are trying to fix, you will have slightly fresher eyes. Like on Sunday, I made buttermilk brioche french toast with a blueberry compote. Not only was it delicious, but I felt better about coming back to my code afterwards. 
  8. My last piece of advice is just take each experience and run with it. Embrace a challenge and show that you're not only invested, but you want to learn more and build you knowledge base.

With that, on to week 7! If you would like to see my projects, feel free to check out my GitHub. I will be refactoring and creating a portfolio page in the coming weeks. Until next time, here's a picture of the break breakfast that I made on Sunday!


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