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Coding Bootcamp week 6-7...throw 8 in there too!

Oh hi there!

I can only describe these last two, three weeks as chaotic. Things got very, very difficult very, very quickly.

In the last few weeks, I learned about frameworks. So my first framework was Angular. I knew coming in that we would be learning Angular, but I didn't know about how complex this framework was.

My class focused on Angular 1 for two weeks and one day. I can only describe Angular as a sneaky alley cat. Angular is an alley cat that I really want to pick up, understand, and hold, and all it keeps doing is running away from me. It wants me to chase it aimlessly and I am not sure if I want to keep chasing it anymore. Especially after the news that Google will release Angular 4 in March, to which I say what? It didn't help that on the second day of Angular learning, I had to leave early for a doctor's appointment so I missed a day to ask questions and hone in on why Angular does some of the things that it does. 

So those two weeks had ended and I had learned a framework so you can learn how to learn frameworks in the future. Cool. Awesome. Then came Node.js. 

We learned about the basic tenets of Node for a day and I have a project to show for it I don't really have words for it, only an emoji --> 😐 It also turns out that I will more than likely have to use it for my upcoming final project, so I will see if my feelings about it change.

Now, we thought it was over with the frameworks, but then they threw in Express.js and MongoDB and now everything is a blur. A coded, Monokai Dark theme colored blur. I limped through it. I gave my crazy looks at all that has been thrown at me in the last few weeks, but its over now. Lecture is done. I have nothing more to say about these frameworks and these lectures other than it is done (it will never be done, I know).

So now, I will work on my final project for the next month. My final project will be an app that helps users to alleviate anxiety and depression by journaling and encouraging positive health behaviors. I have user stories (probably not enough) written out and now it is time to develop this app from conception through my demo day. This is going to be a fun, stressful, and challenging three/four weeks. I can't wait to show what I have learned and the whole app development experience.

Until next time...


Bootcamp-Halfway point