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Well everyone, this year is over!

For me, 2016 was the year I decided to take a leap of faith and jump into software development. As many of you know, I had originally sought out to teach myself code. As the year continued, I had come to realize that I should take a chance by quitting my full-time job and enroll a bootcamp. I have been at The Iron Yard since October and as I look back, I have no regrets about enrolling in their Front-End Engineering class. Sure, I do not have much money to my name, I have to be hyper aware of how I am spending my money, but I have learned things that I had not thought to have explore before. I know that in the long-run, learning code in an immersive bootcamp will pay dividends. Yes, I had to learn everything at a breakneck pace, but I have had to learn how to learn, how to reach out to others for help, and what the industry looks like to date.

Here are some other tech-related accomplishments that I have made this year:

  • I joined offline communities. I am a regular at CodeNewbie DC, BlackCodeCollctve, and some Women Who Code meetups. Thanks to the DC tech community, I have more direction on how to progress in my early stages.
  • I was on a podcast! Now, I am no strangers to podcasts, I host a sports podcast called "Know the Score" (which I will return to in mid-late January, after I graduate from bootcamp), but I was then invited as a guest on my friend Classick's "Classick Team Up" podcast. We talked sports and hosting a podcast podcast, changing to a tech career, suburban life, and roadkill. 
  • I made a list! I was named by DC as one of nine people of color tech folks to follow on Twitter. It is pretty cool to have someone say "we see you, keep going."

In 2017, I want to:

  • Get my first developer job. 2017 has to be the year for my first developer job,
  • Keep up and build upon the progress I have made so far,
  • Keep being honest about my challenges and struggles,
  • Help others in any way I can by listening and understanding.

Until next time!

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